Out West: Colorado

I recently traveled out to Colorado with Alex to visit friends and see the amazing landscape. This was my first time out west.

The first day we rented a car and drove to the Garden of the Gods. An amazing natural landscape of red rocks starkly jutting out of the desert-like terrain. From the Garden of the Gods we drove to (& up) Pikes Peak, an amazing +14,000' Mountain. Along the way we saw Mountain Sheep and a Bobcat cross the road. On top of the mountain the air was so thin we could hardly stay lively for long. The view was immense, we could see over kansas in one directions and the great Rocky Mountains in the other. On the way back to Denver we drove on an amazing road through a burnt-down forest. We could see houses, previously hidden from view by the trees now exposed and perched precariously in a black, desiccated and alien-looking landscape.

Over the weekend we hiked through the Flatirons in Boulder. We saw wild Mule Deer up close and luckily got to hike up to a famous arch, which opened back up to the public that day. One of the most beautiful hikes of my life. We then did a tour of some of Colorado's many fantastic breweries. My favorites include Wit's End Brewery & Upslope. On Sunday we started out the day in a bar with a meet-up group, and watched the F1 Brazil race, then later moved onto the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Art Museum, Union Station and more breweries.

Monday, Alex and I rented another car and headed into the mountains. When we left for Rocky Mountain National Park, it was in 70° and clear skies. As we took the peak-to-peak drive over the mountains, we saw a wall of white, twice as tall as the Rockies and blocking out the sun. As we descended back down into the mountain range, we lost all visibility. We were able to drive through Rocky Mt. National in a beautiful snowstorm. We stopped at Beaver Meadows Visitor's Center, a building designed by the decimals of Frank Lloyd Wright. We saw Mule Deer in the park and immense Elk strolling down the main drag in the town near Estes Park. We pulled over to watch three Elk nonchalantly sulk across the street and onto the lawn of a motel (as if it were normal) we then saw car after car of hipsters pull up, get out of their cars and take selfies with the lethal wild beasts. By the time we left the park it was 20° and our rental car had three inches of ice over the doors. Lastly we drove through a completely frozen Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, totally empty except for a few galloping deer.

I wil be back :-)

See my photography from the trip HERE