Bucket List # 010 - Full Frame

I recently compiled an extensive Bucket List for myself, I hope to be checking them off one by one and posting them on here as I go!

Fist up is Bucket List item number Ten!


Own a Full Frame Camera


A quick shout out to Ken Rockwell, I use his expertly advise for all of my photography purchases and for keeping up with the trade. I highly advise reading Ken's website HERE. I researched my next camera for over a year (closer to two years) and I landed on the Nikon D610 after reading every possible piece of information on the competing models from both Nikon and Canon.

I've been dreaming of owning a beast of a camera for ten years now. I got my last Camera (the Nikon D50) in 2005. It was more than time for an upgrade, and what an upgrade I got! My old camera still works like a charm, built like a rock. A full frame camera is a whole other breed; larger images, higher quality, better focus, more focus and better results from my existing lenses.

I am using my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 for almost all of my photography. The other lens I use is the Sigma 105mm Macro. In addition, for all street and travel photography I'll be using the MB-D14 Battery Grip (better grip, extra shutter and double the battery life)

Below are the first photos i've taken with the new full frame camera.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Bucket List


composition in mind

I have always found it the most difficult to photograph the city I live in. I become so accustomed to the sights, the happenings and the little things; without practice my photographic eye can easily become disillusioned in a subconscious effort to normalize my surroundings. I must be a travel photographer at heart because now that I've lived in DC for 10 months I can see that my best photos were taken in the two times I visited last year! Sometimes the beauty that surrounds you becomes a background. I have to work to push my mind to see my surroundings like I would through a lens: always in context and always with composition in mind.

Check out my photos of DC on my 500px HERE !