The World is Sinking

Reimagining the Lower Ninth Ward & the Architecture of Adaptation


Recent competition entry for the 2013 ONE PRIZE: STORMPROOF.

I was not a finalist this time, but I think it came out pretty well. What do you think?


 © 2013

 © 2013

Through urban and architectural design, the Lower Ninth Ward can be transformed from a drowned neighborhood into a community which functions symbiotically with it’s environment. This new urban plan for the Lower Ninth Ward enhances the ecosystem to prevent flooding by reconstructing a local wetland which will function as a sink for runoff water. Through a process of building relocation, levee construction, a-forestation and wetland remediation, the below sea-level region of the Lower Ninth will be transformed into a new livable community as well as a productive environmental laboratory.
— The World is Sinking | Bryan Apito