Bucket List # 067 - Yellowstone!


Yellowstone is unbelievable. Going there has ignited an intense desire for both Alex and I to see more of the Untied States! The first day we toured Yellowstone's Geysers and Hot Springs, including Old Faithful the Grand Prismatic, Artist Paintpots, Sapphire Pool at Biscuit Basin and Mammoth Hotsprings. Day two, we toured Lamar Valley (just below) and saw amazing vistas and millions of noisy Bison. Steve the Bison was our favorite! Later we left the park for the Chico Hot Spring Spa! We woke up early the next morning from our backwoods (Montana) Grizzly Bear friendly campsite to head down the mountains and back into Yellowstone to relax in the Boiling River Hot Spring. This hot spring was our favorite part of the trip, an absolute must. A Bald Eagle flew over us when we arrived and an Osprey when we left; all good omens. On the third day in Yellowstone we traveled down the park and saw Hayden Valley, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and stayed for the night on Yellowstone Lake at Grant Campground! We highly advise staying at least one night in a campground :-) See a few of my thousands of photos from the trip below:

See Old Faithful Erupt


Old Faithful!

We didn't have to wait long and the Geyser was fantastic!

Our amazing host & tour guide :-)